CERN’s charming new particle discovery could open a ‘new frontier’ in physics

Scientists at CERN have announced the discovery of a new kind of particle, named Xi-cc++ (apparently pronounced ‘Ksī-CC plus-plus’). The particle was discovered at the Large Hadron Collider’s beauty experiment, or LHCb.

Particles like Xi-cc++ are predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics – the set of laws that describes the most fundamental building blocks of nature – but this is the first time scientists have been able to confirm they really exist.

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Planets, black holes, quasars and more: space terms explained

Space is a fascinating place, filled with unimaginably large and complex structures often undergoing dramatic changes.

These can teach us about the laws of physics at the biggest scale and the history of the Universe, but jargon can often get in the way of understanding the mesmerising physics. To make it a little easier to understand, WIRED explains the glossary of space terms.

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