About me

I am a features editor at New Scientist magazine. For five years, I worked as a freelance science/technology journalist published in a number of both print and online publications including WIRED, New Scientist, Alphr, T3, All About Space, Astronomy, Astronomy Now, Daily Mail Online, EU Horizon and BBC Focus.

In 2019 I wrote the book The Art of Urban Astronomy, published by Trapeze Books. Packed full of seasonal star charts, constellation charts and fascinating facts, it is the perfect guide for those who have looked up at the night sky and don’t know where to begin.

I am always interested taking on new projects alongside my typical commissions to broaden my experience. Recent examples include writing the physics chapter for the DK children’s encyclopedia and a space tourism article for the Ethiad in-flight magazine.

Prior to embarking on my freelance career, I spent a year as a science reporter at the Daily Mail Online where I gained valuable experience in working to challenging deadlines! I also worked for two years at ICIS as a reporter covering UK and European electricity markets, writing about energy policy, trading and power plant projects.

I hold a physics (MPhys) degree from Durham University and a Science Journalism MA from City University, London.