This is Nasa’s plan to get 59 more trips out of its ageing space suits

The International Space Station will operate until 2024, at least; but Nasa’s old space suits were never meant to be used on the ISS, let alone support an extended mission. Now, Nasa is laying out plans to keep the suits working for the next seven years, at least.

Earlier this year, the US Congress passed the Nasa Transition Authorization Act. As part of this act, Nasa was instructed to provide a detailed plan for how it expects to manage the remaining space suits for operations on the International Space Station until 2024. The report from Congress expressed concern over the performance of the remaining suits, and the gap they may leave if a new suit is not ready before the ISS stops operating.

Now, WIRED has obtained a copy of the report put together by Nasa and submitted to Congress.

Read more on WIRED

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