We’re closer than ever to finding the mysterious Planet Nine

In January 2016, a pair of astronomers published a paper that changed the direction of modern astronomy. The paper predicted the existence of another, huge planet lurking far beyond Neptune, in the most distant realms of our solar system.

The pair dubbed this mysterious planet Planet Nine. Some perceived this name as a snub to the planet Pluto, our old ‘ninth planet’, which one of these very astronomers had played a part in demoting to ‘dwarf planet’ status ten years previously. But aside from this, everyone was excited.

Since the publication of that paper, astronomers over the worldhave spent time searching both using telescopes and computational models for any sign of Planet Nine. Now, the most detailed prediction yet of Planet Nine’s orbit and influence on our solar system has been released.

Konstantin Batygin, a Caltech professor of planetary science and co-author of the original paper, decided it was time that paper got an update

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